Ann Cameron


A Day in the Life of Thriving Toddlers, Teenagers,
Children in Transition to School, and Older Adults

Dr. Ann Cameron is a developmental psychologist who conducts collaborative,
interdisciplinary, quasi-ecological, visual studies of thriving across the lifespan, and
around the globe. Her collaborators in such locations as Italy, the UK, Brazil, Canada,
the US, and Thailand share common research interests and collect data using locally
adapted Day in the Life methodologies that she has developed in collaboration with
Dr. Julia Gillen in the UK ( the-life/). A full Day in the
Life of each participant is filmed from dawn to bedtime; field notes are taken;
participants and family members are interviewed; photo elicitation is effected when
appropriate. Filmed footage is viewed, transcribed and reviewed by local and
international co-investigators and by the participants themselves for fidelity of
interpretation. Dr. Cameron’s primary interests in these studies involve her social
scientific focus on attachment relationships, emergent literacy and graphic
representations, technologically mediated communications, agency and
communitarianism. Her most recent initiative explores transactions between older
and younger non-Aboriginal Canadian students who are reciprocally learning and
teaching each other about local Indigenous customs, cultures, and languages. Dr.
Cameron will reflect on her observations of intergenerational transactions in
communities of common technological interest during the conference proceedings,
in the context of her international studies of the development of thriving in
ecological context.